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Always PresentAntilife ShellArcane Sword
BaneBarbarian/Path of the Juggernaut (Subclass)Black Tentacles
BlinkBlood HunterCharm Person
Chill TouchCleric/Frost Domain (Subclass)Cleric/Shrine Guardian (Subclass)
Conjure FeyContagionCure Wounds
D&D 5th Edition WikiaDancing Lights
Eldritch BlastFae-StriderFighter
Fire ShieldFireballForesight
Goliath/Caves Goliath (Subrace)Goliath/Plains Goliath (Subrace)Greater Restoration
Guardian of FaithHellish RebukeHeroism
Hewwo?Hideous LaughterHomebrew:Adobe Warlock Patron
Homebrew:Boros VigilantismHomebrew:Guild Spells of RavnicaHomebrew:Hierarchy of the Biomancers
Homebrew:Ilharg the Raze-BoarHomebrew:IsperiaHomebrew:Mat'Selesnya
Homebrew:Ravnican Warlock PatronsHomebrew:RaziaHomebrew:Svogthir
Homebrew:SzadekHomebrew:The Dimirian CodeHomebrew:The Fellowship of Azorian Law
Homebrew:The Lady SimicHomebrew: Assassin (Assassin's Creed 1)Homebrew Class: Medic
Lightning BoltMass Cure WoundsMisty Step
Monk/Way of the Red Dragon (Subclass)Pass with TracePass without Trace
Pickle RickProtection from EnergyRay of Enfeeblement
Spike GrowthSpiritual WeaponStoneskin
SuggestionThe SlabTripCan
Warding BondWeather RockWind Wall
WishWitch BoltWord of Recall
Zone of Truth
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