Monastic Tradition: Way of the Red Dragon

Monks of the Way of the Red Dragon learned from the Red Dragons themselves, through bargain of valued treasure or at the cost of being their servants. They train diligently to become as strong and feared as their Red Masters.

Dragon's Aspect

Starting at 3rd level when you choose this Monastic Tradition, you can spend a Ki point to enter your Dragon's Aspect. This ability lasts for 5 minutes, or until deactivated. While in your Dragon's Aspect, you gain the following abilities:

  • You can understand and speak basic Draconic. (Full Scale conversations cannot be had.)
  • Your hands are wreathed in flame, and your unarmed strikes deal an extra +2 fire damage.
  • You can cast the Fire Bolt spell. The spell is shot from your mouth, as if it were a breath attack. It is treated as a ranged attack instead of a spell.

Dragon's Flight

Starting at 6th level, entering your Dragon's Aspect also gives you the ability to sprout long, leathery draconic wings. While in Dragon's Aspect, your flying speed is 60.

Dragon's Ruthlessness

At 11th level, when you enter your Dragon's Aspect, your attacks can become as beastly and ruthless as a dragon's claws. When you do an unarmed strike, you can spend additional Ki points to deal add an extra damage die to your hit. (To a maximum of 5)

Dragon's Anatomy

At 17th level, you've trained under the Red Dragon so diligently you've mastered most if not all the techniques they can give. Entering your Dragon's Aspect no longer costs Ki points, and while in Dragon's Aspect you gain the additional benefits:

  • You are considered a Dragon instead of a Humanoid.
  • You grow thick, red draconic scales, boosting your AC by +5
  • Immunity to fire damage.
  • You can cast the Dragon's Breath spell at will as a 5th level spell, ignoring it's material component. Your spell save DC for this spell is 10 + your dex modifier + your proficiency bonus.
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