Antilife ShellArcane SwordBane
Barbarian/Path of the Juggernaut (Subclass)Black TentaclesBlink
Call LightningCalm EmotionsChain Lightning
Charm PersonChill TouchCircle of Death
ClairvoyanceCleric/Frost Domain (Subclass)Cleric/Shrine Guardian (Subclass)
CloneCloudkillColor Spray
CommandCommuneCommune with Nature
Compelled DuelComprehend LanguagesCompulsion
Cone of ColdConfusionConjure Animals
Conjure CelestialConjure ElementalConjure Fey
Conjure Minor ElementalsConjure Woodland BeingsContact Other Plane
ContagionContingencyContinual Flame
Control WaterControl WeatherCounterspell
Create Food and WaterCreate UndeadCreate or Destroy Water
CreationCure WoundsD&D 5th Edition Wikia
Dancing LightsDarknessDarkvision
DaylightDeath WardDelayed Blast Fireball
DemiplaneDetect Evil and GoodDetect Magic
Detect Poison and DiseaseDetect ThoughtsDimension Door
Disguise SelfDisintegrateDispel Evil and Good
Dispel MagicDivinationDivine Favor
Divine WordDominate BeastDominate Monster
Dominate PersonDreamDruidcraft
Eldritch BlastFabricateFaerie Fire
Faithful HoundFalse LifeFear
Feather FallFeeblemindFind Familiar
Find SteedFind TrapsFind the Path
Finger of DeathFire BoltFire Shield
Fire StormFireballFlame Blade
Flame StrikeFlaming SphereFlesh to Stone
Floating DiskFlyFog Cloud
Freedom of MovementFreezing SphereGaseous Form
GateGeasGentle Repose
Giant InsectGlibnessGlobe of Invulnerability
Glyph of WardingGoliath/Caves Goliath (Subrace)Goliath/Plains Goliath (Subrace)
GoodberryGreaseGreater Invisibility
Greater RestorationGuardian of FaithGuards and Wards
GuidanceGuiding BoltGust of Wind
Hail of ThornsHallowHallucinatory Terrain
Healing WordHeat MetalHellish Rebuke
Heroes' FeastHeroismHewwo?
Hideous LaughterHold MonsterHold Person
Holy AuraHomebrew Class: MedicHunter's Mark
Hypnotic PatternIce StormIdentify
Illusory ScriptImprisonmentIncendiary Cloud
Inflict WoundsInsect PlagueInstant Summons
InvisibilityIrresistible DanceJump
KnockLegend LoreLesser Restoration
LevitateLightLightning Bolt
Locate Animals or PlantsLocate CreatureLocate Object
LongstriderMage ArmorMage Hand
Magic CircleMagic JarMagic Missile
Magic MouthMagic WeaponMagnificent Mansion
Major ImageMass Cure WoundsMass Heal
Mass SuggestionMazeMeld into Stone
MendingMessageMeteor Swarm
Mind BlankMinor IllusionMirage Arcane
Mirror ImageMisleadMisty Step
Modify MemoryMonk/Way of the Red Dragon (Subclass)Moonbeam
Move EarthNondetectionPass without Trace
PasswallPhantasmal KillerPhantom Steed
Planar AllyPlanar BindingPlane Shift
Plant GrowthPoison SprayPolymorph
Power Word KillPower Word StunPrayer of Healing
PrestidigitationPrismatic SprayPrismatic Wall
Private SanctumProgrammed IllusionProject Image
Protection from EnergyProtection from Evil and GoodProtection from Poison
Purify Food and DrinkRaise DeadRay of Enfeeblement
Ray of FrostRay of SicknessRegenerate
ReincarnateRemove CurseResilient Sphere
ResistanceResurrectionReverse Gravity
RevivifyRope TrickSacred Flame
SanctuaryScorching RayScrying
Secret ChestSee InvisibilitySeeming
ShatterShieldShield of Faith
ShillelaghShocking GraspSilence
Silent ImageSimulacrumSleep
Sleet StormSlowSpare the Dying
Speak with AnimalsSpeak with DeadSpeak with Plants
Spider ClimbSpike GrowthSpirit Guardians
Spiritual WeaponStinking CloudStone Shape
StoneskinStorm of VengeanceSuggestion
TelekinesisTelepathic BondTeleport
Teleportation CircleThaumaturgyThunderwave
Time StopTiny HutTongues
Transport via PlantsTree StrideTrue Polymorph
True ResurrectionTrue SeeingTrue Strike
Unseen ServantVampiric TouchVicious Mockery
Wall of FireWall of ForceWall of Ice
Wall of StoneWall of ThornsWarding Bond
Water BreathingWater WalkWeb
WeirdWind WalkWind Wall
WishWitch BoltWord of Recall
Zone of Truth
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