Patron Name Patron Species Patron Alignment Patron Power Patron Type
Rakdos Demon Chaotic Evil Archfiend, Parun Fiend
Jarad von Savo Devkarin Archlich Neutral Evil Archlich, Guildmaster Undying**
Trostani Dryad Neutral Good Hamadryad, Guildmaster Archfey
Razia Angel Lawful Good Angel, Parun Celestial*
Obzedat Ghosts Lawful Evil Ghosts, Paruns Undying**
Lady Simic Simic Hybrid, Vedalken(Former) Chaotic Neutral Merfolk, Parun Lurker^
Ciszarim Giant(Former),


Chaotic Neutral Giant, Armor, Parun Hexblade*
Szadek Mind Vampire Spirit Neutral Evil Mind Vampire, Ghost,


Azor I Sphinx Lawful Neutral Sphinx, Parun Hexblade*
Niv-Mizzet Dragon, Living


Chaotic Neutral Dragon, Guildpact,


Great Old One/Hexblade*
Devkarin Liches Devkarin Liches Neutral Evil Powerful Lich Undying*
Boros Angels Angels Lawful Good Powerful Angel Celestial*
Mind Vampires Mind Vampires Neutral Evil Powerful Undead Psionic Undying**
Merfolk Merfolk Chaotic Neutral Powerful Merfolk Lurker^
Nephilim Nephilim Neutral Powerful Aberrant Great Old One
Horror Horror Neutral Evil Powerful Aberrant Great Old One
Felidar Celestial Lawful Good Powerful Celestial Celestial*
Rakdos Demons Demons Chaotic Evil Powerful Fiends Fiend
Orzhov Angels Angels Lawful Evil Powerful Angel Celestial*
Arclight Phoenixes Phoenixes Chaotic Neutral Powerful Phoenix Celestial*
Archons of the Triumvirate Celestials Lawful Neutral Powerful Celestial Celestial*

*=Originating from Xanathar's Guide to Everything

**=Originating from Sword Coast's Adventurers Guide

^=Unearthed Arcana


Ciszarim is a Hexblade due to him inhabiting his corpse's chest which has become a piece of armor

Azor is a Hexblade due to him giving his spark to the Immortal Sun which becomes your patron in Azor's stead

Niv-Mizzet is a Great Old One due to his ancientness, power, and authority. He is also a hexblade due to his relation with the Guildpact.

Note:Only very powerful members of the races who can grant patronage are able to grant aforementioned patronage

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