Name Level School Guild Casting Time Range Components Duration
Encode Thoughts Cantrip Enchantment Dimir 1 Action Self S Up to 8 Hours
Chaos Bolt First Evocation Izzet 1 Action 120 ft V, S Instantaneous
Demonic Burns Second Evocation Rakdos 1 Action 90 ft V, S 4 turns
Pact Binding First Abjuration Azorius 1 Action 60 ft V, S Instantaneous
Infesting Soul Spore Third Necromancy Golgari 1 Action Self
Gwialen First Conjuration Gruul 1 Action 90 ft V, S Instaneous
Vigilante's Might Third Enchantment Boros 1 Action 90 ft V, S 6 turns
Floral Disguise Second Illusion Selesnya 1 Action 120 ft V, S 7 turns
Gambler's Wadger Third Divination Orzhov 1 Action Area where the event takes place V, S Instantaneous
Biomancy Seventh Transmutation Simic 48 Hours 30 ft V, S, Humanoid Body, Sea Creature Body Parts Permanent
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