New Warlock Patron:Adobe

Requirement:Sign in blood here and sacrifice your first born child you lazy magic technomage. Adobe patrons include the Photoshopper, the Illustrator, The InDesigner, The Acrobat, the Dream Builder, the Fireworks, And the Almighty Adobe Flash

Expanded Spell List: Color Blast, Chromatic Orb/1st Level Heat Metal, Sleep/2nd Level Alter Self, Counter Spell/3rd Level Compulsion, Glyph Of Warding/4th Level Vitriolic Sphere, Skill Empowerment/5th Level

Adobe Warlock Invocations:

Control of Z:”Reverse a turn once per long rest.”

Z Shift:”Skip three turns after you once per long rest.”

Control of G: level 6 "cause selected creatures to take their turns at the same time. one per long rest"

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