4th-level conjuration
Casting Time 1 action
Range Touch
Components V S
Duration 10 minutes

You touch a computerized device or computer system to conjure a knowbot. You can use a bonus action to have the knowbot execute a computer-related task that would normally require an action. The knowbot makes Intelligence ability checks using your score and bonuses.

You have a telepathic bond with the knowbot to a range of 500 feet from where the knowbot was conjured. If you move beyond this range, the knowbot disappears in 2d4 rounds. Moving within range immediately reestablishes this bond.

The knowbot is bound to the system in which it was created, and it stays there until it is dismissed or the spell's duration expires.

At Higher Levels: The spell's duration increases to 1 hour. Additionally, your telepathic bond's range is 1000 feet. If you leave the range, the knowbot continues performing its last command until the spell expires.