Barbarian/Path of the Juggernaut

Restriction: This subclass is restricted to Goliaths only. Ask your DM for permission if you want to play it as an inferior race.

Those Goliaths that follow the path of the juggernaut are the most masoschist of Goliaths. They enjoy recieveing pain, and their bodies have adapted to taking it. On the battlefield they are next to impossible to take down, even more so than the normal barbarian.

Path of the Juggernaut Features

Barbarian Level Feature
3rd Hard Body
6th Resolve
10th Hard Body Improvement
14th Battle Continuation

Hard Body

Beginning at 3rd level, when you are raging and not wearing any armour, all damage you take is reduced by your proficiency bonus. You can wear a shield and still gain this benefit.

If you are hit but take no damage, your rage does not end like it should.

At 10th level, when you are hit with a melee weapon attack, the attacker takes damage equal to half your proficiency bonus.


Beginning at 6th level, your body begins to act on it's own. You add your Constitution modifier to your Initiave rolls.

Battle Continuation

Beginning at 14th level, if you would be dropped to 0 hitpoint but not killed outright, your hitpoints are instantly restored to half your maximum and you enter Rage without consuming a usage, or have it's duration reset. Once you use this feature you must finish a long rest before you can use it again.

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