2nd-level divination
Casting Time 1 minute (Ritual)
Range Self
Components V S M (25gp of marked stick-like trinkets)
Duration Instantaneous

Some otherworldly being gives you an omen through the use of some divining tool. Asking it about the result of something you intend to do in the next 30 minutes will reveal one of four omens:

  • If things will turn out well, Weal,
  • If they will turn out badly, Woe,
  • If both good and bad, Weal and woe,
  • or if nothing particularly good or bad will happen, you will see Nothing at all.

The otherworldly being isn't capable of accounting for changes in circumstances between now and doing the thing, and if you try to ask again before taking a long rest, there is a 25% chance the reading will be random.