You and up to eight willing creatures within range project yourselves into the Astral Plane. The material body you leave behind is unconscious and in a state of suspended animation.

Your astral body resembles your normal form in almost every way. The main difference is a cord that extends from your back and trails behind you, fading to invisibility after 1 foot. This cord is your tether to your material body. If the cord is cut, you die instantly.

Your astral form can pass through portals leading to any other plane. If you enter a new plane or return to the plane you were on, your body and possessions are transported, allowing you to re-enter your body. Any damage or other effects that apply to your astral form have no effect on your physical body, nor do they persist when you return to it.

The spell ends for you and your companions when you use your action to dismiss it. When the spell ends, the affected creature returns to its physical body and awakens.

A successful Dispel Magic spell used against an astral or physical body ends the spell for that creature. If a creature's original body or astral form drops to 0 hit points, the spell ends for it and it returns to its body.

If you are returned to your body prematurely, your companions remain in their astral forms and must find their own way back to their bodies.