Choose a Huge or smaller object, creature, or area no bigger than a 200-foot cube, then specify an intelligent creature. The target gains an aura of antipathy, which repels the intelligent creature, or sympathy, which draws the creature to it. You choose the aura.

In the antipathy aura, creatures of the chosen type must make a Wisdom save if they can see the target or when they come within 60 feet of it. If it fails, it's frightened and must use its movement to get to the nearest safe spot where it can't see the target. If the creature gets more than 60 feet away and can't see the target, they are no longer frightened but will become so again if they get within the aura or see the target.

The sympathy aura causes creatures of the chosen type to pass a Wisdom save, or use their movement to enter the area if they see the target or move within reach of the target if they're within 60 feet. Once the creature has done so, it can't willingly move away. If the target harms the creature, it can make another Wisdom save.

If the creature successfully saves, it's no longer affected by the target and recognizes the feeling as magical. Additionally, a creature affected can make a Wisdom save every 24 hours. Any creature that successfully saves is immune for 1 minute, then can be affected again.