3rd-level necromancy
Casting Time 1 minute
Range 10 feet
Components V S M (Blood, flesh, bone dust)
Duration Instantaneous

Reanimate and control a pile of bones or the corpse of a medium or small humanoid to become a skeleton or zombie, respectively. The undead creature is under control for 24 hours at which point it no longer follows your will. You can reassert control, for another 24 hours, of up to four of these creatures if you cast this spell on them again before the 24 hours is up.

While they are under your control and within 60 feet of you, you can command them as a bonus action. A single command can be issued to as many of your undead minions as you wish and can be specific, like directing movement and what action they will take, or be more general, as in guarding a person or place. They will continue to follow your orders until they are complete or the spell ends, but if you don't command them at all, they will do nothing except defend themselves against attack.

At Higher Levels: You animate or reassert control over two additional undead creatures for each slot level above 3rd. Each of the creatures must come from a different corpse or pile of bones.